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(November 20, 2017, Shanghai) Following the official announcement of the 8-member team in the first gaming season of the the Overwatch League, the Shanghai Dragons have once again brought us the latest news - the official coaching and management team lists. In January, the first gaming season of the the Overwatch League will commence in the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, USA, where 8 official team members will be led by the coaching and management teams to conquer the international stage of esports.


The Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons coaching team will include:


·Head Coach U4 - Chen Congshan. U4 has been actively involved in esports-related work, including professional FPS games and esports competition planning since 2004, transitioning to become a professional fleet coach later in his career. He made a name for himself in professional circles with his game sensitivity, tactical expertise, and strict coaching style. In 2017, he has lead teams to win second place in OWPS Spring Season and 4th place in OWPS Summer Season, and to compete in the quarter finals of the OWPS Grand Finals. In November, he officially joined Shanghai Dragons as the Head Coach.


·Korean Assistant Coach Kong - Son Jun Young. Kong is an experienced professional gamer who has competed in StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm. In 2016, he transitioned to Overwatch as the coach for Mighty Storm and Mighty AOD. His teams won 3rd place in the Overwatch 2016 APEX Challengers Season 2, 4th place in the Nexus Cup Year-End Final, and achieved third tier results in the 2017 APEX  Challengers Season 3. In November, he officially joined Shanghai Dragons as the Assistant Coach.


·Data Analyst Nai8 - Jia Jia. Nai8 is the coaching team's long-term data analyst. His strengths include attention to detail and his rigorous data analysis. He has coached teams which have won the Blizzard Gold Competition in Shanghai, placed in the top four in the China regional of the APAC, ranked top 8 in the 2016 Overwatch World Cup, and won 2nd place in the 2017 OTS Season 2. In November, he officially joined Shanghai Dragons as the Data Analyst.


The Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons management team includes:

·Team Manager Van - 10 years’ experience as a Blizzard gamer. Van joined NetEase Games in 2013, and took charge of business related to Blizzard games in 2014. He has also been responsible for esports competitions of various games in the company. His vast experience in team management and esports operation will complement the Shanghai Dragons's strengths!


·Team Leader Shaco – Shaco is an esports enthusiast with years of experience in Korea, and a native level of Korean. Shaco’s working experience is always involved in esports clubs. He had been employed by M3 Club, and worked at GT Club as the Squadron Manager. In September 2017, he joined NetEase Games to work on projects related to the Shanghai Dragons.


·Team Support Aaron - Aaron is a polyglot who speaks English, French, Spanish, and other languages. Of these languages, his English is at a native level. Aaron has a CATTI level 2 Translator and Interpreter Certificate from the Ministry of Human Resources, and was an employee in the Office of China Affairs, in the state government of Maryland, USA. In September 2017, he joined NetEase Games to offer multilingual support in Shanghai Dragons' international games.


·Team Support Harry - Harry graduated from the University of Florida in the USA, and is an experienced gamer in numerous Blizzard games. Years of living in the States have helped him gain outstanding English skills and broadened his international horizons. He will be the localization support for the Shanghai Dragons due to his in-depth knowledge of the US.


After months of rigorous screening and deliberation, the team management team finally welcomed the first line-up of the Season 1 competitions. Shanghai Dragons are dedicated to creating an elite and collaborative team. The final list of members and coaches were selected through extreme assessment standards. The management team is also gearing up for new members in next year's transfer window to present gamers and fans around the world even more exciting matches and outstanding performances in the Overwatch League arena.


Being an international level esports team representing Shanghai, each member of the Shanghai Dragons is fully committed to the pre-competition training under the coaching and instruction of the coaches and management team. Preseason competitions will arrive very soon: 12PM on December 7, 2017 against Seoul Dynasty and the first match of the Stage 1: 10AM on January 11, 2018 against Los Angeles Gladiators.


For more information on the competitions and live broadcasts please refer to the following official accounts:


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